iEscape: Con-Artist Joe

You and your team are invited to join forces to search a villain’s study for clues. But you must be quick and gather information within one hour before being discovered!

Con-Artist Joe, the notorious art thief (aka Albert C. Litmus), has plundered several priceless works of art and outwitted the great detectives of the world! Local authorities believe that he is plotting to lift a Van Gogh from the Art Museum and are seeking special-agent teams to assist in their mission to foil his scheme.

For this event, teams will meet up via live video stream (Zoom) , download the game app onto their personal devices and put problem-solving skills to the test. Solve puzzles, unpack evidence and unravel cryptic messages… all while avoiding the curveballs that are thrown at you along the way.

Using image recognition and augmented reality technology, you’ll scan specific objects to unlock tasks, challenges and codes. As your team progresses through the challenge, new levels are revealed to test the skills of each team member.  Together, each team will piece together evidence to solve clues, crack codes, and beat the clock to escape.