iQuest Team Adventure

Teams embark on an innovative technology-driven hunt around the selected area as they build camaraderie through collaboration, strategizing and creativity. Using our custom mobile app and digital map, teams explore, answer trivia questions, take photos and videos and complete challenges.

Teams visit each hotspot location and complete unique challenges, such as “Snap a photo of your team admiring a statue,” or “Capture a video of your team showing off their team spirit” and a range of trivia questions associated with the location. Our game masters also communicate with participants during the hunt highlighting team accomplishments, transmitting real-time challenges and trivia questions (customizable), and updating the scores.

As the hunt winds down, teams reconvene to share stories of their adventure. Our emcee welcomes everyone back while photos submitted during the hunt scroll on a large screen. After a final tally, the team with the most points receives accolades from their peers and honor as the top Team Questers!