iQuiz for a Cause – Holiday Edition – In Person

A new twist on an old tradition! Bring your team together for a festive and heart-warming occasion. Participants collaborate using our customizable iQuiz app to boost morale during the holiday season and earn donation supplies to give back to the community.

Teams arrive in their most festive attire, scan the QR code onto their personal devices, and prepare for a friendly competition. The aim of the game is simple… score as many points as possible before running out of time! Every point scored equals more donation dollars or supplies for your charity of choice!


iQuiz for a Cause: Holiday Edition begins with our holiday game board and a series of 12 landing spaces, each featuring themed trivia questions, riddles, visual puzzles, and team photo and video challenges. Players collaborate — all while racing against the ticking clock! As teams accumulate points, their donation stockpile also increases.


At any space, teams may be asked to capture a video of their team sharing how they’ve given back this holiday season, to snap a photo of the team converted into a single “Rudolph” (complete with his infamous red nose!), or answer a range of fun, themed trivia.


At the conclusion of the program, the Game Master plays a slideshow of team photos that were submitted during the game, followed by an award presentation for the winning team. A representative from the selected charity may join the group to say a few words (if available). Points are translated into donation items and collected items are delivered directly to the organization.