iQuiz – The Team Games

The torch is lit so let the games begin.  The teams have assembled for Olympic competition in our unique game-sharing experience! Your virtual Olympians collaborate using our customizable iQuiz app to encourage team bonding and unite colleagues in a common goal for a run to the gold.

Collaborate with your fellow Olympians to complete challenges and score as many points as possible!

Teams meet up via live video stream (Zoom) and are greeted by our professional, gold medal-winning emcee for the opening ceremonies and program overview. They download the game code onto their personal devices before being placed in team breakout arenas and prepare for a friendly competition. Our virtual Olympians must work together while racing against the clock!

iQuiz begins with an Olympic-themed gameboard and a series of 12 landing spaces.  At any space on our customizable game board, teams may be asked to capture a video of a team synchronized swimming in their virtual pool, snap a photo of everyone crossing the finish line, or answer a range of fun Olympic trivia. The next thing you know—BUZZ! Time’s up!  At the closing ceremonies of the iQuiz-The Team Games, the Game Master plays a slideshow of team photos that were submitted during the virtual Olympic games, followed by a presentation of the bronze, silver, and gold medals to our winning teams.