Meeting Motivators

Rejuvenate attendees with Meeting Motivators, a series of rapid-fire contests throughout the day designed to provide much-needed bursts of energy and a friendly competition.

Presented by our professional emcee to kickoff the contest, guests are given energizing challenges at arranged increments throughout the day. Attendees may be asked answer a series of meeting trivia questions, identifying popular landmarks from a distorted image, or to take a photo with other like-minded attendees. A variety of creative photo and video challenges, trivia questions and puzzles are sure to engage and energize your attendees throughout the conference.

The contest is customized to reflect your meeting agenda or conference theme and manifest a competitive atmosphere as colleagues compete to earn the most points – or team up for even more points. At the end of the event, our emcee presents a winner certificate or prize to the guest or team with the top scores!