Social Scavenger Hunt – Remote Networking Experience

Get ready for a virtual networking extravaganza at your next meeting or conference! Featuring a digital game board, social media integration and fast-paced bonding activities, Social Scavenger Hunt is designed to elevate your attendee experience as they get to know one another.

Guests meet up on Zoom where our enthusiastic emcee greets incoming participants and introduces the concept of the event. For a handful of rounds, individuals are randomly assigned to breakout rooms where they bond while completing unique challenges. Breakout rooms are re-shuffled to maximize networking potential at intervals throughout the event. Participants are encouraged to introduce themselves to their new breakout roommates and continue the fun.

As groups progress, photos submitted are added to a live photo wall which is accessible to all participants. Social media may also be integrated for more engagement! And, our Networking Ninjas intermingle to help generate enthusiasm and be part of the fun. At the end of the event, guests reunite in the main Zoom room and are encouraged to share stories as they view photos and videos presented by the game master. Guests have a blast networking, sharing laughs and actively engaging!