Challenge/Opportunity: This pharmaceutical company wanted to provide a meaningful charitable team event for 1,200 attendees during their National Sales Meeting. The event would support the client’s larger overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and annual day of service, benefiting local non-profit organizations in the Las Vegas area where the meeting was taking place. Response/Solution: Corporate Event Interactive sourced four charities in the Las Vegas area, identified their needs, purchased all supplies and executed a three hour CSR program for 1,200 attendee volunteers. Guests were welcomed to the event with a musical performance by the children from two of the school choirs in the Clark County School District. When the children finished, participants were divided into four teams to build, assemble,[…]

Company culture plays a big role in employee satisfaction and retention. Some companies embrace a work hard, play hard ideology, others embrace giving back to the communities in which they are located. Deloitte, Salesforce, Stryker and others listed in the March 2015 Fortune article by Benjamin Snyder (@WriterSnyder) pay their employees for their time while they give back. Employees are encouraged to get into the community and share their talents. They do good works for others, they can feel good about their achievements and proud of their company for supporting their efforts. This is a triple win! Many groups enjoy rolling up their sleeves and spending time with their colleagues to volunteer. At CEI, we have created short, impactful programs[…]

The Holidays are upon us! Looking for teambuilding activities to engage your employees all the while giving back to the community you work and play in? We’ve got them! On November 4th, 2015, Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) produced Feeding Chicago for its client, the Meetings & Incentives Worldwide. It was a team building meets CSR event during their Annual Meeting. M&IW employees took part in a series of team building challenges and trivia while building camaraderie and at the same time, giving back to the community. After each challenge was completed, teams received food vouchers which were redeemed at the “general store” for food items. Teams assembled and decorated boxed lunches and wrote inspirational messages to be included. How fitting![…]

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Event Planning The Christmas season is upon us once again. I came across the World Vision Gift Guide recently. And it sparked me to write this blog entry. I’ve heard the radio commercials before as well as of people who have bought these wonderful, useful gifts for those less fortunate living in the different countries that the organization helps. What a great idea for a small to medium-sized office or even as departments to pool their money together and donate toward purchasing goats, chickens and cows that will help out families this Christmas. Or the purchase of fresh water, fruit trees, hygiene kits and mosquito nets. As well as gift bundles[…]

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Event Planning Social Service Agencies like Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and Shelters continually need volunteers throughout the year, not just for special holiday times like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why not encourage your staff and organize half days where teams go in and volunteer their time to give back to the business community they operate in? This is a great way for employees to engage with one another while helping out those less fortunate within their community. We’ve all organized food and toy drives…how about a business clothing drive? We all have business clothes (i.e. shirts, ties, blouses, dress pants, etc.) that are gently-used that we have outgrown or don’t fit[…]