Challenge/Opportunity: This pharmaceutical company wanted to provide a meaningful charitable team event for 1,200 attendees during their National Sales Meeting. The event would support the client’s larger overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and annual day of service, benefiting local non-profit organizations in the Las Vegas area where the meeting was taking place. Response/Solution: Corporate Event Interactive sourced four charities in the Las Vegas area, identified their needs, purchased all supplies and executed a three hour CSR program for 1,200 attendee volunteers. Guests were welcomed to the event with a musical performance by the children from two of the school choirs in the Clark County School District. When the children finished, participants were divided into four teams to build, assemble,[…]

Food brings people together. Inspire team building by gathering everyone for some fun around a prep table! We encourage friendly competition at our events so teams compete in challenges to win bonus ingredients. Of course taste testing is also a requirement! We hope you get inspired to try some of these mouthwatering activities! Pizza, Pizza, Pizza is a Chicago favorite! Teams come up with some interesting combinations from spicy chorizo to sweet pineapple and bacon…the results are delicious. We enjoy this theme for locals as well as visitors as a great way to introduce a Chicago staple. Pizza is one item that pretty much everyone enjoys and it’s fun to see what will win over the judges. Speaking of spicy,[…]

Mobile Room Escape Room escapes are popping up all over the US and becoming a popular twist on the traditional team building exercise. A typical room escape involves a small group of people literally locked in a room. In order to get out, they must find clues and solve puzzles to locate the hidden key within a set period of time. These challenges are excellent team building opportunities because everyone has a chance to contribute at different levels to solve riddles, put puzzles together or flip over chairs to find the way to escape! Corporate Event Interactive has developed a mobile room escape concept on a much larger scale for our clients with up to 300 participants! Instead of escaping[…]

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Event Planning With the warm weather finally upon us (we’ve been patiently waiting for you!), we have to take full advantage of it and bring our teams outdoors for some interactive meetings. In this month’s blog post, I have highlighted a few locations that offer outdoor teambuilding activities that will get your teams pumped (literally and figuratively speaking!). They are based in and around the Greater Toronto Area regions, but I’m sure these interactive activities can be adapted to your next meeting, regardless the location. Let’s start, shall we….. Treetop Eco-Adventure Park – on the beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine in Oshawa, Ontario This is the only aerial tree top adventure park[…]

By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski All in Place Communications and Event Planning My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims, injured and the people of Boston after last Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombings. It is in shock, sadness and disbelief that this could have happened and why. The Boston Marathon holds history, tradition and goodness, and this act of terror has twisted all the goodness that comes from it. As a Canadian citizen, we stand united with the American people that such an act of terror is not acceptable nor will it be condoned. I dedicate my following Blog Entry to you. As I was watching a recent news segment (I watch a lot of news!), the reporter featured[…]