Most professionals develop a preference on how they work on projects, whether it’s on their own or with a group of people. Chances are, even if you’d rather go it alone, there are times when it makes greater sense to team up with a partner or a group. What’s in it for you? There are many benefits to teaming up with your colleagues. Your outlook on working collaboratively will affect your experience, so go in with a positive attitude. With that approach in mind, the first benefit you can reap is a chance to collaborate and brainstorm ideas with someone in a similar position but with a different perspective. Another benefit to teaming up is sharing the responsibility for the[…]

by Ed Graziano, Corporate Event Interactive If you are a business professional you more than likely have attended a wide variety of business related meetings and events and I expect you will have many of the same observances that I have listed below, so please feel free to share. If you want to bore your audiences and ensure a minimum retention of program content at your next meeting please consider the following… 1.) Cram as much content into the meeting as possible. Limit breaks and social opportunities and be sure to cover everything in the limited amount of time a meeting lasts. 2.) Never change your presenters, trainers or facilitators from meeting to meeting. Once you have people who your[…]

by Anne Thornley-Brown, Executive Oasis International After the Wall Street Meltdown, many companies took a predictable approach and cut all team building as a “discretionary expense”. The AIG Effect was the final nail in the coffin. Afraid of possible fallout due to “optics”, even companies that were doing well felt it prudent to put team building initiatives on ice. This is unfortunate as, during a recession and its aftermath, team building is even MORE important than during good times. Why? During a recession and the fragile recovery that follows it, the margin for error is narrow. It is more important than ever to:

by Janet Elkins, EventWorks, Inc. Here at EventWorks we are a multi-generational and multi-cultural crew. Each in our own way we try to stay informed about our industry and economic trends in general as best we can. Besides this blog, we read trade magazines, weeklies, dailies and more. We follow television and social media. But for all of us, balancing time between “real” production work and ongoing research and learning efforts poses a challenge. We need more than 24 hours in a day. As an original Mid-Westerner I have come to appreciate the tweets of fellow Chicagoan Barry Moltz, entrepreneur, public speaker and book author. Barry travels to many conferences in many different industries and shares his findings on Facebook[…]

by Travis Himstedt, Corporate Event Interactive An important part of business development involves leadership training because developing the right kind of leaders leads to profitability and sustainability for organizations.  With MBA programs offering classes on leadership, consultants at every turn and countless books about it on the shelves, leadership training is a billion dollar industry.   Obviously, there is a desire for organizations to foster the talents of their future leaders. But how do they do it?