Most professionals develop a preference on how they work on projects, whether it’s on their own or with a group of people. Chances are, even if you’d rather go it alone, there are times when it makes greater sense to team up with a partner or a group. What’s in it for you? There are many benefits to teaming up with your colleagues. Your outlook on working collaboratively will affect your experience, so go in with a positive attitude. With that approach in mind, the first benefit you can reap is a chance to collaborate and brainstorm ideas with someone in a similar position but with a different perspective. Another benefit to teaming up is sharing the responsibility for the[…]

We are excited to announce that Ed Graziano, CEI President and Founder, has been asked to guest blog for Huffington Post’s Small Business Section. Ed’s first post is about using the flexibility and informality of a smaller business to attract and retain the best talent. You can read it here.

By Nate Baumgart: Production Coordinator At Corporate Event Interactive Most people  here in Chicago probably vote January as their least favorite month. The days are at their shortest, it’s bitterly cold and the only holiday to look forward to is Groundhog Day.  But March is much worse. Not warm enough to be comfortable, not cold enough to bundle up, you feel like you should be outside, but everything is grey and dead.  The only thing March has going for it is that the summer’s adventure hunt calendar begins to take shape and I can spend my time imagining all the running, biking, mud crawling, wall climbing, puzzle solving and costuming I will be doing this summer. A quick roundup of[…]

by Travis Himstedt, Corporate Event Interactive An important part of business development involves leadership training because developing the right kind of leaders leads to profitability and sustainability for organizations.  With MBA programs offering classes on leadership, consultants at every turn and countless books about it on the shelves, leadership training is a billion dollar industry.   Obviously, there is a desire for organizations to foster the talents of their future leaders. But how do they do it?

by Kathy Miller, Total Event Resources Over the years our production lead time has become laughable, what used to be a year lead time and planning has now turned into weeks and in some cases days.  How do we balance the business and our people?  It’s a really good question and just when I think the solution is impossible I find that in our case our “small but mighty” team steps up to the plate and I mean big time.