by Eva Niewiadomski, Catalyst Ranch This blog was originally written and posted by Blogger Harvey Chimoff on September 16, 2009. Harvey Chirnoff is a cross-functional marketing leader who relies on a special blend of pragmatic strategy, vision, organization, and action to achieve marketing and business results. Contact Harvey at Click here to see the original blog: I’m always intrigued by companies that are able to promote and market without direct price cuts, especially during a time of declining demand. The recession has wiped out a large amount of business travel, particularly international travel, and those who are still allowed to get their passports stamped find themselves traveling coach, even on long overseas flights. This poses a significant problem for[…]

by Janet Elkins, EventWorks, Inc. Here at EventWorks we are a multi-generational and multi-cultural crew. Each in our own way we try to stay informed about our industry and economic trends in general as best we can. Besides this blog, we read trade magazines, weeklies, dailies and more. We follow television and social media. But for all of us, balancing time between “real” production work and ongoing research and learning efforts poses a challenge. We need more than 24 hours in a day. As an original Mid-Westerner I have come to appreciate the tweets of fellow Chicagoan Barry Moltz, entrepreneur, public speaker and book author. Barry travels to many conferences in many different industries and shares his findings on Facebook[…]

by Janet Elkins, EventWorks, Inc. Obviously, when you ask me this question, the answer is: That is how we make money. Not only does event production create income for our twelve full-time employees, it also affects countless contractors in many cities, states and countries in a very direct way. However, while the need for jobs in our industry is clear to us, the public perceives business meetings still in a very negative way; fat cats indulging themselves in tropical resorts, in some cases financed by tax payer money bailouts.

by Travis Himstedt, Corporate Event Interactive Whether we run a small business or a department of a larger business we all have the same goal in mind; we want to grow our business entity to the optimal size and have it run efficiently and effectively.  To accomplish this we implement the best possible strategies available.  The word strategy is loosely defined as a plan or method for obtaining specific results.  As business managers and owners we constantly try to find and execute on strategies that best serve our needs.  However, just as an event cannot be successful with only one participant, businesses cannot succeed with only one strategy.