by Travis Himstedt, Corporate Event Interactive

An important part of business development involves leadership training because developing the right kind of leaders leads to profitability and sustainability for organizations.  With MBA programs offering classes on leadership, consultants at every turn and countless books about it on the shelves, leadership training is a billion dollar industry.   Obviously, there is a desire for organizations to foster the talents of their future leaders. But how do they do it?

Future leaders need to experience activities that create opportunities for interpersonal relationships to develop. They need activities that break down barriers and build stable, trusting relations with employees and other managers. If these people are the future of the company they need the opportunity to build emotional resonance through these learning experiences so they are better equipped to lead the organization when needed.

Recently, Corporate Event Interactive has teamed with Sensei International in planning logistics for Leadership Journeys designed for Sensei’s clients. Sensei uses these journeys to increase excitement, emotional commitment and productivity in the participants resulting in a more engaging work environment upon returning to the office. Meetings and events such as these are important to the sustainability of organizations because they allow employees to develop the skills needed to be a leader, not just another manager.

For more information on Leadership Journeys check out No More Boring Retreats in the Spring 2010 issue of Illinois Meetings + Events.

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