By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski

All in Place Communications and Event Planning

T’is the season of giving back and being grateful for all the blessings in our lives. Companies are busy sending Christmas cards and delivering corporate gifts to their customers and suppliers. Those are all important business functions, but, let’s not to forget to engage the employees and give back to the business community it operates in.

When planning your Holiday Party this year, why not incorporate giving back to your community somehow. You have all these guests in attendance; this is a great opportunity for them to contribute in some small shape or form. Encourage a toy and/or food drive – every guest that brings either or both will receive a draw ticket towards company swag. They’ll be giving to a worthy cause and in return be rewarded with something that proudly shows them where they work.

I know of a non-profit organization that does something year round to help a family in need at Christmas time. Casual Fridays are held year long where employees are encouraged to make a monetary donation (whatever they are comfortable with) and in turn, all the funds are collected at year-end to buy necessities and gifts for the entire family. What a smart team effort!

We all have closets of gently-used winter clothes, coats, mitts/gloves, hats and scarves that we have outgrown. Why not run a winter clothing drive in the months of November/December (even in January) and then donate as an organization to a shelter or family agency that will distribute to those who can benefit most from this generosity.

Finally, some offices run a Secret Santa exchange for gifts under a certain amount. Instead of getting stuck with another mug or gadget that will collect dust, collect $10 from each employee and make a donation to a reputable charity or hospital foundation. During your Christmas luncheon, invite a representative from that particular charity or foundation and present them with a company cheque. This will instill a sense of pride in your employees knowing they are helping those in their community.

There are so many creative ways to engage your employees and at the
same time, being socially responsible to the community it is surrounded by. Get out there this Holiday season and do your part to give back!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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