By: Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski

All in Place Communications and Event Planning

The Christmas season is upon us once again. I came across the World Vision Gift Guide recently. And it sparked me to write this blog entry. I’ve heard the radio commercials before as well as of people who have bought these wonderful, useful gifts for those less fortunate living in the different countries that the organization helps.

What a great idea for a small to medium-sized office or even as departments to pool their money together and donate toward purchasing goats, chickens and cows that will help out families this Christmas. Or the purchase of fresh water, fruit trees, hygiene kits and mosquito nets. As well as gift bundles geared towards the improvement of providing classrooms for better education.

Instead of the usual Secret Santa exchange and filling our homes with more ‘stuff’ we don’t need or want (and may eventually sell on Kijiji anyway), you will be giving a gift of hope, joy, sincerity and love towards those who need it most. Isn’t that what the true meaning of Christmas is all about?

You’re giving the gift of fresh water or livestock to feed a family in need. Now that’s more important than getting another Christmas mug filled with candy canes. Bring your team, big or small, together and pool your names and money towards this unique and worthy cause. Knowing your donation has helped complete strangers in need to have a blessed Christmas!

~ Give gifts that change lives this Christmas ~

For more details on the World Vision gift program, please visit their website,

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