by Rosita Carobelli-Zukowski, All in Place Communications and Event Planning

Planning the same old Holiday Party? Attending the same old Holiday Party? Are you looking to host a party that captures attendees’ attention? No matter how small or large the budget allows for, there are many ways to be creative and inventive. Film festivals are the events to attend these days.  As guests arrive, have a montage of classic Christmas movie moments playing to instrumental ‘winter wonderland’ music in the background. Not only will this instil memories of Christmas’ from long ago, it can be a great conversation starter. Whether it will make guests reminisce about previous Holiday parties (corporate or social) or their own family traditions (Aunt Mary’s shortbread snowmen cookies are a must on Christmas Eve!), it helps set the mood for the event. It will get everyone talking and comparing notes and ideas. And you never know, this may lead to them learning something new about their co-worker or friend that they may have not known before.

We all have them – a collection of Christmas ornaments stored in a shoe box that were given as the annual party favour. Give movie passes or DVD rental gift cards instead! Bulk orders net discounts – give your guests something they really want, will use and most of all enjoy! Or if this falls out of your budget realm, consider jarring liquorice candies or gummy bears (or whatever your favourite candy you like to eat at the movies). Adding the touch of a festive bow and fresh holly berries, will be a nice party favour that guests won’t be able to wait to use (I mean “eat”!).

Roll out the “red carpet” for them – literally! Some venues already have luxurious red carpet as part of their everyday décor. Consider renting a length to be placed at the Grand Entrance of your event. Or better yet, if you have a Photographer on hand for the evening, they can photograph guests against a backdrop taken from Irving Berlin’s classic movie, White Christmas. The guests will love this! Getting their picture taken with Bing Cosby and the rest of the cast – what a gift! They’ll be talking about it for days, if not years. This old world charm of Christmas will invoke even the most ‘humbug’ of them all.

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