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Intertek Brown Bag Skits

Location: Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

Client: Intertek

For the teambuilding portion of their meeting, Intertek wanted something that tapped into the creative side of their brain. Brown Bag Skits was the perfect program - it allowed them to be creative and work together in making a skit to perform in front of the rest of the group.

Employee Talent Show

Location: McCormick Place

Client: Equity Office Management

The stars of this summer outing were the employees of Equity Office Management LLC. as they performed a talent show that made for great laughs and a few standing ovations. CEI helped produce this show and took care of the logistics, emcee, background music and some props.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Location: Eaglewood Resort

Client: USG Corporation

Financial Managers are not known for their creativity and willingness to be on stage. CEI changed all that for this USG group of Financial Planners. Teams had the opportunity to buy props and costume pieces to create a movie scene, commercial, song, pantomime or other performance art piece in our Lights! Camera! Action! program. For those who were a little more fearful of being onstage, non-speaking parts were created, or they became set pieces. With some information for the skits chosen randomly, teams could relate their production to a variety of meeting or company topics. At the end of the event, with nine successful performances completed, we all found that there was a lot more creativity and showmanship in this financial group than anyone had thought.

" Chicago doesn't have enough companies like yours. You truly understand the corporate clientele, the meetings industry, etc. Service and talent - what a great combination!"

– On The Scene