Goodwill Hunters

Impact the community while having fun and exploring the city! Goodwill Hunters plan and plot their course to traverse the city activating hotspots at selected locations via an iPad. Throughout the hunt, teams have the opportunity to partake in challenges for points and to accumulate items for a charity of their choice. They may collect toys, games or books for a children's charity, non-perishable food items for a food pantry or any number of items depending on the needs of the charity selected.

Each team of hunters receives a donation tote along with an iPad loaded with a special app directing them to a variety of interesting points in the city where challenges await them to acquire a donation item. Along the way, they are encouraged to do good on the streets of the city, creating an understanding of philanthropy throughout the hunt.

At the end of the hunt teams decorate their tote bag as points are tallied and winning teams are determined. Depending on availability, representatives from the charity may be in attendance to accept the collected items, thank participants, and say a few words about their organization.