Art & Architecture Orienteering

Teams discover Chicago's hidden art and architectural landmarks while experiencing the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. Take a closer look at gems from artists such as Miro, "skyscrapers" designed by Daniel Burnham and a captivating sculpture from Picasso. Hunt for true treasures that may go unnoticed in an otherwise busy landscape!

After a brief intro by our emcee, each team receives a scouting kit to help guide them through the urban landscape, including an iPad with a map highlighting GPS hotspots of some of the best architecture the city has to offer. Teams utilize an app to post photos, communicate with other teams and receive additional information or challenges from HQ. By activating hotspots on their map and heading to that location, teams discover some of the city's best architecture and hidden (or not so hidden) art. They take creative photos or videos and score points. Communication and group decision making are the keys to success. When the teams reunite, answers are revealed and prizes awarded to the team securing the most points!