The Hunt for Sam & Frank

GASP! Evil doers have tampered with the food and beverage supply in downtown Chicago. The Chief Director of the FBI (Food & Beverage Inspectors) needs recruits! The two villains suspected of this hideousness, Sam "Pale" Adams and Frank Furter, were last seen lurking in local pubs planning their next tampering excursion. Fortunately, Sam and Frank have been careless and the FBI has obtained coded plans for their next moves.

Guests are deputized by the Chief Director to work in teams to track down Sam and Frank. Teams receive an iPad loaded with a map that contains recent known locations of Sam and Frank, and must look for clues that lead them to specific watering holes in the area and ultimately to the two rascals themselves.

In City Hall's attempt to cover up the scandal, your deputies are dispatched to various restaurants and bars where they pose as tourists, photographing each other having fun. Points are awarded for finding Sam and Frank, correctly responding to directives, and the originality of photographs taken.