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Proven Benefits

  • Energizing Small Group Meetings
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Reviewing Meeting Content
  • Generating Fun and Excitement

Recommended For

  • Departmental Meetings
  • Retreats
  • Board Meetings
  • Group Outings
Add impact to your small group meeting or event with your choice of one of many 90-minute interactive meeting energizers.

Adventure Hunts:
Picture This! - Teams set out to photograph themselves fulfilling a series of unique themed photo challenges set forth in their team packets. The adventure culminates with the creation of team collages and fabulous prizes!

Techno-Hunt - A 21st century adventure hunt utilizing digital technology that challenges teams to think quick, collect and share information and try to out smart the competition.

Charitable Events:
The Great Teapot Exchange - Trade It Up! - Armed with only a classic teapot, teams take to the street to put their negotiating skills to the test by trading their teapot for items of higher value. Teams continue trading until they have maximized their treasure! Collected items are donated to a local charity for use in their silent or live auction.

Care Packages: It's a Wrap! - Bring your team together to make an impact on the community. Teams (or individuals) wrap up care package items and custom-design greeting cards for a local charity. If available, a representative for the select charity caps off the event with a special presentation and/or expression of gratitude.

Game Shows:
In It to Win It! - Game begins in 3...2...1...¦ Contestants fly into action to complete each challenge in 60 seconds. Stacking cups, balancing balls and piecing-together puzzles are all part of the action as teams are faced with a series of In It to Win It challenges and a chance to earn the esteem of their colleagues and fabulous prizes.

Team Brainium: Unplugged - Teams revel in the excitement of this curiously different kind of game show as they compete in a variety of brainteasers, visual puzzles, trivia questions, physical and creative challenges and popular game show elements.

Big Wheel Trivia - A fun, quick thinking activity for groups that think they know it all! Each team spins the wheel for a chance to answer questions in various theme categories.

Team Challenges:
Team Spark - Add energy to your meeting with this emcee led team experience. Teams complete a series of innovative and energetic self-directed challenges to earn pieces required for a final group task. Once all the pieces are assembled, teams congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Hit the Mark! - Teams utilize their cognitive abilities and communication skills to build a functional catapult. Catapults are then put to use in a target hitting challenge!

Brown Bag Skits - Teams express their creativity by producing short skits based on suggestions drawn from brown bags. Brown bag categories may include venue, occupation, action, conflict and your specific meeting theme or company slogan.

Mini-Olympics - Teams battle for the gold in an Olympic-style competition but, with team contests never before attempted in international play! Challenges may include Broom Soccer, Javelin Walk and The Olympic Rings. Let the Games begin!

Rock Stars Take to the Stage - Teams select a song and recreate the lyrics based on your meeting theme or company directives and get ready to rock! After a brief production time, teams rehearse their new song before selecting costume pieces and taking to the stage for a winning performance.

Team Fusion - Teams fuse their creativity and energy to design and build a unique, sparkling masterpiece out of a block of ice and various three-dimensional ice shapes.

Landmark Lego Build - Teams face a unique set of challenges as they assemble miniature versions of famous landmarks.

Interactive Workshops:
Improv Workshop - Teams flex their work and personal communication skills through improvisational challenges led by our skilled communications professional.

The Planks Puzzler - A full problem solving process with emphasis on communication, leadership, role definition and continuous improvement.

Reception and Networking Activities:
A Night at the Races - Bring the thrill of a Triple Crown race to your event! Guests place their bets before viewing the exciting thoroughbred races. Winners obtain raffle tickets for a chance at a prize drawing at the end of the event.

Greet & Meet Networking Challenge - Energize your cocktail reception or outing with networking challenges that encourage guests to interact! Guests come together and bond as they answer trivia questions, piece together a puzzle or create visual artwork during the event.

ARTworking - Each guest follows along on their own canvas as our artist replicates an image of Chicago's Skyline with your company logo incorporated. Our artist takes guests through the step by step demonstration on how to paint the Skyline masterpiece. Guests take home their painting as a wonderful gift to remember!

"From beginning to end, Corporate Event Enterprises did an exceptional job of planning our event! The entire team was thoughtful, friendly and willing to work with all of our 11th hour changes. Our teambuilding activity was a great success and we could not have done it without them! "

– MillerCoors