Team Building Trends &Networking News, January 2020

Team Building 2020: More Than Just Fun & Games

By Linda Whitlock
It is no secret that we are more globally connected than ever. We can thank social media for keeping us in touch with friends and family around the world and smart phones for being our pocket-sized personal assistants. Because of this, it is even more important to capitalize on the time people spend together. Team building is the perfect approach to meaningful engagement. Stepping up the fun & games game!
Team Building 2020 is relationship building. In-person gatherings are invaluable! Use this time to allow attendees to foster relationships with authentic well-planned activities. This is especially important for companies with remote employees, or who have recently merged or reorganized — and essential for established teams at an annual meeting. Give people an opportunity to connect and discover someone or something new.
There is something special about shared experiences that bonds us to one another. Having everyone participating builds a sense of togetherness and unity that is essential for any company.

Team Building 2020 is active learning. People remember more if they are actively engaged. Plan team activities strategically by weaving in company goals or mission — and make it fun. Bring a message to life with an activity such as iQuiz and see how it engages the audience.

Team Building 2020:
• Promotes camaraderie & connections
• Encourages interdepartmental & remote co-workers to build relationships
• Fosters a sense of goodwill between management & employees
• Reinforces company/meeting initiatives

Program Highlight: iQuiz

By Hannah Fisher

iQuizis an interactive program that uses technology to facilitate engagement — promoting the abilities of every team member, making it ideal for any team building initiative.
When teams arrive they are given an iPad filled with trivia questions and team photo challenges. CEI will happily add company-specific trivia to your game for an even more unique flair. To keep the fun rolling, we incorporate out-of-your-seat challenges.
This is where memories are made!
Visit our iQuiz page f or more information, or our home page to reserve your next company team building event.

There really is nothing quite like watching reserved Kim from accounting and funny-guy Bob from HR team up against the IT department in a series of thought-provoking and active challenges.

iQuiz at a Glance:
• Break into teams & strategize your best approach
• Use an iPad to answer custom trivia questions in various categories
• Compete in fun out-of-your-seat challenges 
• Take group photos and videos for additional points 
• Keep an eye on the leader-board!

Tools of the Trade: Asana

Asana is a work management platform that CEI team members use to stay focused on goals, projects, and daily tasks. When planning a program such as IQuiz it is important to set deadlines, share details, and assign tasks. Asana provides a platform to track all of these items in one place.
Asana allows users to create teams, projects, and tasks. This roadmap can be used to store emails, documents and notes related to a project. Each task can be assigned to a team member to ensure deadlines are met.
A favorite feature is the calendar view which allows team members to evaluate their workload and prioritize items. Users can even forward emails to Asana and then assign tasks related to these emails. Asana offers a variety of plans to fit any budget including a free Basic plan. 
Check it out here!