Antoinette Gonzales

Outreach Specialist

Antoinette came to Chicago via a pretty circuitous route from New Mexico (and across half the country in the meantime), but when she got here, she decided to stay. And boy are we glad! She is a jack of all event industry trades, and we couldn’t detail all her experience if we had hours. In addition to her past work in transportation, as a corporate concierge, and running a special event venue, she is a legacy member of multiple event associations, and she’s crossed paths with everyone. She has spent years helping privately- and family-owned businesses market their services and increase their bottom lines by being “like water: there’s an opening – I’m going there to share what services can be provided!” She relishes the collaboration and free exchange of ideas at CEI, and is looking forward to increasing our outreach and promoting our amazing programs, like her favorite, the challenging iEscape.

When she’s not finding every opportunity to hype up promotions and help teams grow, get to know each other, and give back to the community, she basks in the glory of being a multiple National Champion Ballroom Dancing title holder! Which keeps her feeling great as she gardens, reads, dances, and enjoys home repair and crime shows.

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