Jen Lajun

Production Manager

You’d never know it to look at her, but Jen is actually enjoying a second wind, career-wise. She spent the first part of her life rising through the ranks to become the Director of Customer Service and Supply Chain at U.S. Steel (yes, that one), before retiring young. But the bright lights of the event industry were too magnetic for her to deny, and we’re so lucky that she’s embarked on a new phase with us. Her experience and skills in project management, planning, and customer service are invaluable, and her goals of streamlining our processes and improving our ROI really let us focus on giving clients the best possible experience we can.

When she’s not flexing her impressive leadership muscles, Jen likes to camp, bake, float in the pool with a good book, or remodel – you know, that casual, relaxing hobby of paring down and rebuilding housing structures.

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