Juanita Gable

Production Coordinator

We are delighted to welcome Juanita to the CEI team! She’s enjoyed a whirlwind of a career so far, with over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Her diverse experience spans banquet management, membership services, sales, marketing, education and, of course, event planning. She is putting her incredible customer service background to great use partnering with our amazing clients, and we are so excited to explore her seemingly unending wealth of creativity and flexibility. And we mean that literally – in addition to being a one-woman event guru, she’s cultivated an impressive career in recreational health and fitness. Which, come to think of it, explains why The Olympiad is one of her favorite CEI programs.

When she’s not spending her time cultivating and coordinating awesome affairs, the former ballroom dance instructor loves writing, thrifting, taking classes, hanging out with her pets, and performing – a given, frankly, considering she is THE Clark Gable’s grandniece.

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