Enroll your attendees in Backpack Prep Academy and challenge them to make the Honor Roll! Teams complete a series of assignments in various courses to earn grades and school supplies.

Teams meet up via live video stream and are greeted by our professional emcee for the event kickoff and program overview. Players download the game code onto their personal devices and prepare for a friendly competition.

Back2School begins with a colorful gameboard and a series of landing spaces, each featuring classic school subjects and related challenges. Players must communicate and work together in order to progress – all while racing against the ticking clock!  As teams accumulate points, their donation stockpile also increases.

At the conclusion of the program, the Game Master plays a slideshow of team photos that were submitted during the game, followed by a virtual award presentation for the winning team. A representative from your selected charity joins the group to say a few words (if available). Points are translated into backpacks and we take care of delivering the backpacks to a local school or charity.