Charitable Team Events

The CEI team standing behind tables covered in bags of different colors filled with donations.

Giving back creates a powerful team bonding experience while increasing job satisfaction and company pride. So, help your team to exercise some philanthropy with a unique interactive experience! Teams participate in a friendly competition as they earn points for more than just bragging right. Compiled supplies are donated to a charitable organization or cause of your choice. Everyone’s a winner when they give back to the community!

Proven Benefits

  • Employee Engagement
  • Improve Morale
  • Benefit a Worthy Cause
  • Generate a Culture of Benefaction

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Giving Back to Children Logo

The most valuable thing you can give a child is your time. Create valued experiences for youth by building backpacks, bikes, toys, and stories. Who knows? This may bring out the child in you!

Giving Back to Adults Logo

Help lift up those who need additional support by contributing with your own helping hands! Engage with others as you work together to build military care packages, replenish food depositories in need, and much more. The goodwill you generate will extend far beyond the team who helped create it.

Sustainability Events Logo

Give back to the planet while also giving back to communities near and far. Our sustainability events are designed to bring teams closer, while educating them about issues facing the world. From water crises to the dwindling bee population, give back to your team by giving back to the Earth.

Giving Back to a Health Cause Logo

Let us help you drive care items or raise charity dollars for your organization's chosen health-related cause while engaging and educating teams as they band together to provide additional care for those most in need.

Giving Back to the Community Logo

Your team can contribute to community building and charitable intiatives when they join together to complete challenges and puzzles as they raise charity dollars and supplies! We work with you to ensure your chosen cause receives the greatest benefits of your group's teamwork and talent.