About Us

Hello, and welcome to Corporate Event Interactive!

Here at Corporate Event Interactive (CEI), we’ve been championing the power of fun through interaction at meetings and special events since 1987! That’s right – we’ve spent more than 30 years creating dynamic programs, partnering with a wide variety of amazing clients, spotlighting charitable organizations, and becoming the industry’s team building leader. Don’t just take our word for it – check out some of our accolades here.

Founded by the fearless Ed Graziano, who figured out that combining experiential adult education with event production creates lasting impressions, we focus on highlighting teamwork and networking while delivering key messaging and learning objectives. We know that teams who have fun together function better, so we continue to develop exciting, interactive experiences that create unique fun for groups of all abilities and professional levels. Every time, and for each event, we become part of your team. We specially design our programs to meet your individual needs and elevate your event, whether we’re working directly with your company or with your chosen independent event planners. Through our wide variety of programs, we collaborate with you to further your mission while boosting team morale, fostering relationships, and promoting goodwill.

Our spirit of collaboration has allowed us to expand our services and even branch off a sister company – Chicago Association Management (CAM) was started in 2010, with Ed as Managing Director, to support our many wonderful association partners. In addition to CEI’s many team building initiatives, and with the same signature enthusiasm and dedication, we also provide Strategic Support for Marketing Campaigns (including product launches, promotions, trade shows & conventions) and Event Marketing Services (expo management, exhibit & sponsorship sales, registration, staffing, and more). And we’ve embraced corporate altruism and social responsibility from the start. Oh, how we’ve grown since those early days! Check out our Team Bios for some more info on our evolution and our amazing squad, and be sure to visit CAM for all your association management needs.

As evidenced by our history, we recognize the importance of innovation and vision in our industry. We first used technology to facilitate scavenger and adventure hunts in 2012. In 2018, long before the words “unprecedented times” rang out from seemingly everywhere, we partnered with Mobile Adventures to develop a suite of virtual interactive events. By the time Covid hit and offices, meetings, and events shut down in 2020, we had already deployed a custom app with a full portfolio of virtual experiences. We were thrilled to continue providing engaging opportunities to motivate organizations navigating a new corporate climate. And we look forward to continuing to support the camaraderie, creativity, teamwork, and philanthropy of companies just like yours.

Call (312) 540-1000 or click here to let us help you put the power of interaction to work at your next meeting, event, fundraiser, orientation, party, or gathering of any kind. We would love to create an invigorating moment that will engage, inspire, and unite your team!

Meet the team

Ed Graziano
Linda Whitlock
Kris O’Malley
Antoinette Gonzales
Andrew Whitehead
Ki Wolf-Smith
Hanna Wagner