Bike Building Workshop

Transform your event space into a fully functional bike shop to provide a fun and healthy form of transportation for children in the community! Teams must work together to assemble and accessorize bikes, compete in challenges, and give back to those in need.

Upon entering the bike shop, teams are greeted by our energetic emcee and upbeat staff, then divvied up to their workstations. Teams assemble bikes straight out of the box and develop a marketing pitch for their final product, while they compete in challenges to earn points and accessories. In the end, teams are judged on the speed and accuracy of the bike’s assembly, how well they accessorized, and the final pitch. The team with the most points overall is deemed the Best Bike Builders! 

Bikes are then presented to a local charity, such as the Boys & Girls Club. If available, a representative from the organization will share stories about the kids that will receive the new bikes.