Bike Building Workshop

Transform your event site into a fully functional bike shop as guests use teamwork, creativity and ingenuity to build and accessorize youth bicycles for underprivileged children in the community. With the necessary tools, teams work together to assemble and accessorize bicycles straight from the box. Team points are collected by the speed and quality of the bikes’ assembly, how it is accessorized, and their marketing pitch.

Led by an energetic, bike-savvy emcee and upbeat staff, teams gather at their work stations and prepare for their challenge. They strategize their best approach to complete a series of tasks, including: bicycle assembly, presentation design, and team challenge competition in a timely manner earning points for each detail. Once the tasks are complete, teams present their completed bikes to the judges and make their way to the slalom course for a test run. The fun ensues when the team with the most points is deemed Best Bike Builders!

To wrap up the event, bikes are presented to a local charity such as the Boys & Girls Club. A representative from the organization shares stories about who will receive the new bicycle gifts.