Corporate Olympiad

Ignite the Olympic flame in your team. The torch is lit and the nations are assembling for the ultimate display of competition, resilience, and collaboration. Engage in a series of olympic-themed team challenges, accruing points on the path to gold and glory! Let the games begin!

This isn’t your conventional arena of track sprints and swimming laps; instead, it’s a distinctive gauntlet of Olympic-themed trials designed to foster teamwork and ingenuity. Navigate through Olympic Rings, guide soccer balls with brooms, and walk with a “javelin” between each participant. No athletic prowess necessary—just a keen wit and a knack for solving unconventional puzzles.

Teams are assembled and tasked with crafting their own unique identity through the creation of flags and chants. With an upbeat soundtrack in the background, our lively host and referees orchestrate a series of spirited corporate Olympic challenges, fostering enthusiasm and team spirit. Competitors vie for gold coins, earning points based on their collective performance. As the trials conclude, coins are tallied and medals bestowed upon the triumphant champions!