Corporate Olympiad

The torch is lit, flags are waving and international teams gather for the ultimate competition of fortitude and teamwork. Compete in team challenges to earn the most points and go for the gold! Let the games begin!

This is not a traditional competition of track events and swimming relays, but rather a unique test of Olympic “theme” challenges that encourage your teams to work together and determine how to accomplish each task. Your teams slip through Olympic Rings, maneuver soccer balls with brooms and walk with a “javelin” between each participant. Athletic skills are not required; a sense of humor and an ability to solve unique problems is all you’ll need to succeed!

To begin, guests are separated into teams and asked to develop their team identity by creating a team flag and cheer. With high-energy music in the background, our emcee and referees conduct Olympic theme contests generating excitement and team camaraderie. Teams compete to win gold coins as points are awarded based on overall performance. At the end of the contests, coins are tallied and medals awarded to the champions!