Food Truck Frenzy

Tap into the popularity of urban America’s Food Truck craze and bring the taste and fun to your next event with the Food Truck Frenzy!

Teams show off their culinary creativity and innovation as they design, craft and market a unique and delicious food truck concept. Each team is provided a food truck frame and cutout upon which they build their new idea – perhaps Panini Paradise, Pizza Machine, Firehouse Chili or Cupcakes to Die For!  Teams design a menu, determine their desired ingredients and create a marketing plan. Then the REAL frenzy ensues as they compete in team challenges and trivia contests to earn vouchers for ingredients. As the challenges wrap up, teams shop at the market to secure the ingredients they need for success.

Ingredients are chopped, assembled and cooked (if allowed) at team tables. Their marketing plan comes to life as the PR team defines their target market, decorates their truck, creates a logo and a catchy jingle. Each team wheels their truck to the judge’s table to present their concept and let the judges sample their wares as they determine which team deserves the Keep on Truckin’ award!