iQuest Chicago

Is Chicago your kind of town?  Uncover the Windy City’s popular attractions, fun facts, and hidden gems as your team take on iQuest Chicago – the exciting, interactive adventure played through your smartphone.  Equipped with our app as your guide, teams make their way to various hotspots on the GPS-integrated map.  Learn about Chicago’s amazing history, answer trivia questions, and complete iQuest challenges in a friendly Chi-Town style battle.

A professional emcee greets the teams to commence the event and provides a set of instructions.  Participants download the game code, choose a captain, and set out on their Windy City exploration.  The teams use a GPS-integrated map to travel to designated hot spots throughout the city.  When teams reach each destination, they are faced with challenging questions and fun tasks.  The teams learn about Chicago’s landmarks, popular attractions, and hidden gems as they complete challenges, capturing team videos and photos along the way.  Teams accumulate points and they move through the city answering questions correctly and completing assigned tasks.  At the conclusion of iQuest Chicago, participants reconnect to share stories and photos from their adventure while awaiting the announcement of the iQuest champion