iQuiz For A Cause

iQuiz for a Cause is a technology-driven, do-good, feel-good, trivia challenge like no other! It gets your teams thinking, strategizing and communicating – and giving back to the community.

Utilizing our iPads and their mobile devices, teams compete in trivia and physical challenges to collect donation items for a select charity. The game begins with a set of categories, each containing a series of questions increasing in difficulty and, of course, point value. The clock is ticking! Teams have a limited amount of time to gather as many points as possible. Do they go into each category and go for the highest points, or clear out the categories more systematically? Take creative team photos and videos? Then our Game Master throws in new pop-up challenges! The next thing you know—BUZZ! Times up.

It’s up to the teams to determine their best path. Along the way, they take team photos and videos to earn more points — and, compete in team challenges to earn donation items for care packages. Custom company/industry information may also be incorporated into the game. At the end of the event, our emcee names the top iQuiz Champs and teams package the collected donation items to be delivered directly to the organization. The team photos and videos captured during the game will be collected and shared with you after the event.