iQuiz Jingle & Mingle – In Person

Celebrate the season with a festive in-person team experience! iQuiz Jingle & Mingle is the perfect way to bring your team together during the holidays. Teams collaborate to answer trivia questions, take team photos, capture team videos, and compete in get-out-of your-seat challenges.

Our professional Emcee greets guests as they arrive for the celebration and divides them into teams. Each team takes a moment to select a captain and receives an iPad with iQuiz game already downloaded. The game begins with a winter-theme gameboard and a series of holiday-related challenges: trivia questions, team photo and video challenges. Team members collaborate and socialize as they strategize their best approach to earn the most points. The clock is ticking!

At intervals throughout the event, the Emcee announces Pop-up challenges! Teams get out of their seats and compete in exciting physical challenges such as Snowball Toss, Countdown and Heads Up to earn more points (and laughs!)

The next thing you know—BUZZ! Time’s up! Teams reconvene for awards presentation and slideshow of the team photos that we submitted during the game, followed by a fabulous prize presented to the winning team!