One Team: Chemo Care Kits – In Person

Guests build relationships as they engage in a friendly competition and assemble items for Lemons of Love, a non-profit organization that provides support and community to people living with cancer. They ‘help cancer suck less’!

Using our iPads or their own mobile devices, teams compete in trivia and photo contests like no other – while collecting supplies for their chemo care kits! The game begins with a colorful gameboard with 12 landing spaces, each containing a series of challenges to earn points. Teams may be asked to answer a series of health-related trivia questions, take a photo of your team celebrating 2022 or capture a video of a team mate showing off their hidden talent.

The clock is ticking! Teams have a limited amount of time to gather as many points as possible and collect items for their chemo care kits, including ginger tea, lemon drops, lotion, lip balm, chocolate, superhero socks, and more. The next thing you know—BUZZ! Time is up.

At the end of the event, our emcee names the top Chemo Care Champs and teams assemble the chemo care kits to be delivered directly to the organization. If available, a representative from Lemons of Love will attend to say a few words about the organization, share stories and thank the participants.  This activity is sure to boost morale and employee pride in their company!