Robotic Engineering and Amazing Challenge

The perfect activity for any group that likes a challenge! Teams need their collective brainpower to build and race robotic creatures to determine who the techno-engineers really are!

Robotic Engineering is a complex and engaging team building activity that requires teams to efficiently manage specialized roles to divide responsibility while maintaining a team spirit and identity. With multiple potential designs, building a BOT provides teams an opportunity to embrace their creativity and test time management skills. In the first half of the program, crews choose a design, build and test their BOT and decorate it to emphasize the company values.

The second half of the program transitions the construction phase to the fires of competition. The fate of the group hangs on the skill and preparedness of the driver(s) responsible for operating the BOT in the challenge maze. The maze itself is a dynamic course with time reductions issued for completing tasks; the first team to cross the finish line isn’t always the team with the fastest time!

By focusing the program on final competitive heats, the program builds to an apex of energy that generates an exciting and fulfilling team building experience.