Trapped in the Tropics

Imagine your team is stranded on a deserted island with seemingly no way out. Strewn about are remnants from past inhabitants, debris from the ocean. You discover pieces of a treasure map and clues that may lead to a way home. But you must work together to get off the island in under 60 minutes before the typhoon hits!

Loosely based on the popular Escape Room experiences, Trapped in the Tropics turns your team’s table into an island upon which they are stranded. In the center is a treasure chest containing the supplies necessary to successfully escape. Alas, the treasure chest is locked and the key or code to the lock is contained in the puzzles for your team to solve. Various props, clues, and cues create a treasure map directing your team to the missing key or code.

Perhaps there is a hint under a palm tree. Seashells contain mysteries of the seas…maybe they can help solve this mystery???

Our emcee and event staff keep teams on track to complete the task at hand. They have 60 minutes to get off the island, and in the spirit of no man left behind, all teams must complete the task for anyone to truly succeed.