Linda Whitlock


We’d love to tell you what exactly Linda does, but honestly, she does it all! She oversees business, sales, marketing, and operations – and she does it with a smile on her face and sincere enthusiasm for our amazing clients, partners, mission, and team. Linda has always been involved in the event industry, but with almost three decades at CEI, she truly is the heart of the company. She enjoys producing fun events for all of her clients, and is excited to keep building a strong, capable cadre of experts to manage and produce dynamic team events. Her biggest goal is to create a must-have team activity that appeals to a variety of groups, and it’s passion like this that drives the whole team to keep learning by her stellar example.

Linda cherishes the many partnerships she’s developed with the great industry professionals in Chicago, including DMCs, hotels & resorts, production companies, and more. As a former president of the International Special Event Society (now the International Live Events Association), and with her active participation in MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and several other industry groups, she has created a culture of cooperation, innovation, and social responsibility that resonates in everything we do. She once ran an adventure hunt in 3 countries simultaneously – IN-PERSON (pre-pandemic). Another time she coordinated a charitable event that donated 2,000 items to 3 charities! Is there anything she can’t do? Quite frankly, there isn’t: Linda is one of the industry’s hardest working and most respected veterans.

In those rare moments when she’s not focused on work, she loves to travel, “bug” her kids (we’re sure they love it), do yoga, swim, hike, and indulge in the occasional glass of wine. If you’re lucky enough to share a glass (or a bottle) with her, make sure you also drink up some of her extensive industry knowledge.

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