Remote Conference and Meeting Energizers

Infuse your virtual meeting with vim and vigor with our lively Conference & Meeting Energizers! Designed to rejuvenate attendees, these activities are great for meeting kickoffs or to infuse some energy into the halfway point of a friendly competition.


iQuiz Live! Remote Team Experience Logo

Infuse energy into your meeting or conference with iQuiz Live! Guests participate in a unique contest that sparks excitement and reinforces your meeting agenda and goals.

Meeting Motivators - Remote Logo

Rejuvenate attendees with Meeting Motivators, a series of rapid-fire contests throughout the day designed to provide much-needed bursts of energy and a friendly competition.

The Daily Kick-Off Logo

Motivate attendees/employees with energizing daily tasks in the days leading up to a meeting or conference. This self-guided activity is designed to provide upbeat and creative challenges. Participants answer trivia questions, take photos and capture videos in their own environment. The focus is customized to your mission – Get Moving, Daily Inspiration, Boosting Morale or Meeting Prep.

iQuiz For A Cause Logo

iQuiz for a Cause is an unparalleled technology-driven competition with a philanthropic twist! Participants collaborate in teams to tackle trivia questions, snap team photos, record team videos, and take on energetic challenges that literally get you out of your seat. It’s an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Daily Charity Challenge Logo

Build excitement for your upcoming meeting or conference while raising awareness and supplies for a preferred charitable organization with the Daily Charity Challenge! Each day leading up to the meeting, attendees complete a series of brief daily tasks featuring custom trivia, hilarious photos and motivating video challenges.