Remote Conference and Meeting Energizers

Infuse your virtual meeting with vim and vigor with our lively Conference & Meeting Energizers! Designed to rejuvenate attendees, these activities are great for meeting kickoffs or to infuse some energy into the halfway point of a friendly competition.


iQuiz Live! Remote Team Experience Logo

Infuse energy into your meeting or conference with iQuiz Live! Guests participate in a unique contest that sparks excitement and reinforces your meeting agenda and goals.

Meeting Motivators - Remote Logo

Rejuvenate attendees with Meeting Motivators, a series of rapid-fire contests throughout the day designed to provide much-needed bursts of energy and a friendly competition.

The Daily Kick-Off Logo

Motivate attendees/employees with energizing daily tasks in the days leading up to a meeting or conference. This self-guided activity is designed to provide upbeat and creative challenges. Participants answer trivia questions, take photos and capture videos in their own environment. The focus is customized to your mission – Get Moving, Daily Inspiration, Boosting Morale or Meeting Prep.

iQuiz For A Cause Logo

iQuiz for a Cause is a technology-driven, do-good, feel-good, trivia challenge like no other! It gets your teams thinking, strategizing and communicating – and giving back to the community.

Daily Charity Challenge Logo

Build excitement for your upcoming meeting or conference while raising awareness and supplies for a preferred charitable organization with the Daily Charity Challenge! Each day leading up to the meeting, attendees complete a series of brief daily tasks featuring custom trivia, hilarious photos and motivating video challenges.