Escape Rooms

Teams use their collective skills to unpack evidence and solve clues to escape. Presented at team tables or on mobile devices, we dare you to band together and break free from our Escape Room concepts!


Trapped in the Tropics Logo

Imagine your team is stranded on a deserted island with seemingly no way out. Strewn about are remnants from past inhabitants, debris from the ocean, pieces of a treasure map and clues that may lead to a way back home. But you must work together to get off the island in under 60 minutes before the typhoon hits!

iEscape: Con-Artist Joe - In Person Logo

You and your team are invited to join forces to search a villain’s study for clues. But you must be quick and gather information within one hour before being discovered!

iEscape: Arctic Survival - In Person Logo

Midway through an Arctic expedition, your team was separated from your hiking guide. With a storm setting in, you become increasingly lost and disorientated; unsure of your direction of travel and losing track of time. You and your team must find a way to contact the Search and Rescue squad before the storm cripples all chances of survival! Suddenly, you stumble upon a small hut.  It doesn’t look like anyone is here, but perhaps there might be a way to call for help inside…