Game Shows

Everyone wins when you select our game show team events! Choose from a variety of customizable contests that test quick thinking, cognitive ability, team spirit, and more.


iQuiz Chicago Logo

Is Chicago your kind of town?  In iQuiz Chicago, your team will explore the Windy City’s popular attractions, fun facts, and hidden gems right from their chairs. It’s the exciting, interactive adventure played through your smartphone.  Equipped with our app as your guide, teams learn about Chicago’s amazing history, answer trivia questions, and complete iQuiz challenges in a friendly Chi-Town style battle.

Team Brainium Game Show Logo

Teams revel in the excitement of this curiously different kind of game show as they compete in a variety of brainteasers, visual puzzles, trivia questions, physical and creative challenges infused with popular game show elements. Our spirited emcee keeps everyone entertained in this interactive contest of smarts, creativity, and quick thinking!

Game Night Live! Logo

Gather your colleagues and co-workers together for an outrageous night of hilarious party games! In a unique twist on charades, taboo, guess-that-word and trivia, these games really keep participants on their toes! Teams showcase their knowledge, compete head-to-head, make new friends and uncover inside jokes. Games are challenging enough to keep teams guessing, and familiar enough so that everyone can participate and have a blast! Unplug. Connect. Laugh. Play!

iQuiz - In Person Logo

iQuiz is a technology-driven contest like no other! Teams collaborate to answer trivia questions, take team photos, capture team videos, and compete in get-out-of-your-seat challenges. Engaging and fun for everyone! Presented on a mobile device, the game begins with a set of categories, each containing a series of thought-provoking questions and creative team photo and video challenges.

iQuest Around the World - In Person Logo

Grab your passport and get ready for a globe-trotting trip! iQuest Around the World is a lively game-sharing experience that tests the team’s travel acumen, communications skills, and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 miles!

In It To Win It Logo

Games begin in 3…2…1! Contestants fly into action to complete their first challenge in 60 seconds. Stacking cups, balancing balls, and piecing together puzzles are all part of the action as teams are faced with a series of “In It To Win It” challenges and a chance to earn the esteem of their colleagues and fabulous prizes.

iQuiz For A Cause Logo

iQuiz for a Cause is a technology-driven, do-good, feel-good, trivia challenge like no other! It gets your teams thinking, strategizing and communicating – and giving back to the community.

iQuiz Summer Social - In Person Logo

Nothing says fun like summer and there’s no better way to relax and connect with others than with iQuiz Summer Social!   This refreshing summer themed game-sharing experience inspires simplicity and laughter through gamification while your team bonds and heats up the competition.