Giving Back to Adults

Help lift up those who need additional support by contributing with your own helping hands! Engage with others as you work together to build military care packages, replenish food depositories in need, and much more. The goodwill you generate will extend far beyond the team who helped create it.


iQuiz For A Cause Logo

iQuiz for a Cause is an unparalleled technology-driven competition with a philanthropic twist! Participants collaborate in teams to tackle trivia questions, snap team photos, record team videos, and take on energetic challenges that literally get you out of your seat. It’s an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

One Team: Military Care Packages (Team Event) Logo

Ten-hut! Teams line up for roll call and sound off to complete fun, military themed challenges. Each challenge rewards teams with vouchers they can cash in at the P/X for care package goodies. Completed packages, including personal notes of support, are sent to our military stateside or overseas!

iQuest For a Cause Logo

Have fun doing good with iQuest For a Cause! Utilizing our iPads with the latest GPS and Image Recognition technology, teams hit the streets and stores of Chicago (or other fun shop-til-you-drop area) in search of adventure and items for a local charity.

Crocs & Socks Logo

Upon arrival, guests are presented with a vibrant croc or sock, and their task is to find their perfect match. Working in pairs, they collaboratively curate a care package that includes the crocs and socks, ready to be donated to one or more local organizations. You have the option to select from one, two, or all four types of care packages, ensuring a diverse and impactful contribution to the community.

Hands In Challenge Logo

Welcome to the Hands In Challenge, an immersive team-building experience that fosters fun and camaraderie, all while creating a global impact. Teams work together to earn points and kits to build prosthetic hands. These hands are sent to amputees around the world who cannot afford these devices. Enjoy the profound learning opportunities related to purpose-driven work and collaboration as your group builds a better team and a better world!

The Build Brothers Charity Challenge: Team Woodshop Logo

The “Build” Brothers lead your teams as they build teamwork and wooden furniture or bikes for a local non profit organization. We provide the tools, building supplies and event structure; your participants build the magic by working together to design and build the final products. Items that can be built include bikes, chairs, bookshelves, chests, children’s desks, etc.