Giving Back to the Community

Your team can contribute to community building and charitable intiatives when they join together to complete challenges and puzzles as they raise charity dollars and supplies! We work with you to ensure your chosen cause receives the greatest benefits of your group’s teamwork and talent.


Care Kit Shuffle Logo

Remix the networking event with an added charitable element! Guests build relationships as they engage with their colleagues while assembling donation items for local charities.

iQuiz For A Cause Logo

iQuiz for a Cause is an unparalleled technology-driven competition with a philanthropic twist! Participants collaborate in teams to tackle trivia questions, snap team photos, record team videos, and take on energetic challenges that literally get you out of your seat. It’s an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Crocs & Socks Logo

Upon arrival, guests are presented with a vibrant croc or sock, and their task is to find their perfect match. Working in pairs, they collaboratively curate a care package that includes the crocs and socks, ready to be donated to one or more local organizations. You have the option to select from one, two, or all four types of care packages, ensuring a diverse and impactful contribution to the community.

Hands In Challenge Logo

Welcome to the Hands In Challenge, an immersive team-building experience that fosters fun and camaraderie, all while creating a global impact. Teams work together to earn points and kits to build prosthetic hands. These hands are sent to amputees around the world who cannot afford these devices. Enjoy the profound learning opportunities related to purpose-driven work and collaboration as your group builds a better team and a better world!

One Team: Community Care Packages Logo

Bring your team together and make an impact on the community with “One Team.” Have fun completing challenges to earn items to include in care packages for local community members in need.

Community Connections Logo

Build better relationships with your team as together you build kits to be given to a local organization. These kits range from boxed lunches to chemo care kits, from school backpacks to veterans’ duffle bags, or do a combination of different kits. It’s more than just getting together, it’s making Community Connections.

iQuest For a Cause Logo

Have fun doing good with iQuest For a Cause! Utilizing our iPads with the latest GPS and Image Recognition technology, teams hit the streets and stores of Chicago (or other fun shop-til-you-drop area) in search of adventure and items for a local charity.

Community Clean-Up Logo

Make a positive impact that helps connect your team with each other and the community. Partnering with a local organization, clean up a park, beach, or river, maintain local trails, and replace invasive plants with native ones. We’ll add in some fun trivia and competitions to make sure everyone has a great time while helping the Community Clean-Up!

STEM Team Challenge - Low-Tech Logo

Dare to take on the STEM Team Challenge! Teams immerse themselves in captivating STEM challenges that go beyond the ordinary.  Dive headfirst into a medley of mind-bending trivia, brain teasers, limericks, and puzzles — earning points on the path to becoming the undisputed STEM Champions!

#GivingChicago Logo

Participants race to solve puzzles and find key locations as they purchase shopping list items to be donated to a local charity!

Bright Horizons Logo

Team members work together to finish a variety of unique challenges ranging from completing puzzles to solving riddle and puzzle clues. The ultimate goal of finishing the challenges is to obtain enough supplies to paint a section of a large mural to be donated to a local school or child care facility to brighten up the day for area children.

Putt-Putt Engineering for Charity Logo

Putt-Putt Engineering for Charity is not your typical golf outing! Teams use boxes, cans and cases of food along with creative and fun props to build their own miniature golf hole. At the completion of the event, all of the food items are donated to a local food pantry.