Holiday Team Events

Celebrate the season with a lively game-sharing experience! We offer several options to bring your team together and spread cheer at your virtual holiday party. Guests dress in their most festive attire and gather via live video conferencing (such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.) for the occasion.


iQuiz Jingle & Mingle Logo

Celebrate the season with a lively game-sharing experience! iQuiz Jingle & Mingle is the perfect way to bring your team together and spread cheer at your virtual holiday party.

iEscape: Scrooge's Study Logo

Spice up your holiday party with a themed escape room. You and your colleagues are stuck in Scrooge’s study and must act quickly to escape before you are discovered!


iQuest Around the World - Festive Edition Logo

Grab your passport and get ready for a virtual globe-trotting trip celebrating festivals and holidays around the world! iQuest is a lively game-sharing experience that tests teams’ travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they learn about unique traditions of different nations across the globe!

Holiday BINGO! Logo

Presented by our festive emcee, this classic game is run in a virtual setting featuring popular Holiday traditions, icons and culture. Our emcee encourages interaction and chat as participants mark off their squares in a series of jubilant rounds. A simple, fun game for any group and a great warm-up or wrap up to any team meeting.

iQuiz for a Cause -- Holiday Edition Logo

A new twist on an old tradition! Bring your remote team together for a festive and heart-warming occasion – and an opportunity to give back to your favorite cause!


iQuiz 2021 Celebration! Logo

Get your team together for an end-of-year celebration or new year’s kickoff!  iQuiz incorporates your messaging into an interactive game-sharing experience for everyone. Teams collaborate to answer trivia questions, take team photos, capture team videos, and recap the year.

iMystery - Murder on the Slopes Logo

Ski season has returned and you’re ready to hit the slopes when your trip suddenly takes a deadly turn off-piste! A murder investigation is underway and the killer is yet to be caught.

iEscape: Arctic Survival Logo

You and your team must band together to figure out how to call for help and identify your location in the vast Arctic so that the search and rescue squad can send help – and fast! You have only 60 minutes before the hut is unreachable due to heavy snowfall and high winds.