Sustainability Events

Give back to the planet while also giving back to communities near and far. Our sustainability events are designed to bring teams closer, while educating them about issues facing the world. From water crises to the dwindling bee population, give back to your team by giving back to the Earth.


Green Team Challenge Logo

Experience the thrill of The Green Team Challenge, where teams delve into exhilarating eco-challenges that go beyond the usual ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ approach. Teams engage in a series of unique green-focused trivia and tasks right in the meeting room. They earn valuable points and bragging rights on the way to being crowned Champions of Sustainability.

Clean Water Challenge Logo

Welcome to the Clean Water Challenge, an immersive team-building experience that fosters camaraderie while creating a global impact. Through a series of dynamic and interactive activities, teams learn about the mechanics of water filtration, gaining an appreciation for the vital role of clean water in sustaining life.

STEM Team Challenge — High-Tech Logo

Bring your team together to make an impact with the High-Tech STEM Team Challenge, an exciting team-building initiative designed to foster teamwork while making a positive impact on children’s education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Creating A Buzz Logo

Bring your team together to make an impact with Creating a Buzz, an exciting team-building event with meaningful sustainability impact. Explore the world of bees and their vital role in our ecosystem through ecological trivia questions and buzz-worthy challenges.

Community Clean-Up Logo

Make a positive impact that helps connect your team with each other and the community. Partnering with a local organization, clean up a park, beach, or river, maintain local trails, and replace invasive plants with native ones. We’ll add in some fun trivia and competitions to make sure everyone has a great time while helping the Community Clean-Up!

Hands In Challenge Logo

Welcome to the Hands In Challenge, an immersive team-building experience that fosters fun and camaraderie, all while creating a global impact. Teams work together to earn points and kits to build prosthetic hands. These hands are sent to amputees around the world who cannot afford these devices. Enjoy the profound learning opportunities related to purpose-driven work and collaboration as your group builds a better team and a better world!

Bike Building Workshop Logo

Transform your event space into a fully functional bike shop to provide a fun and healthy form of transportation for children in the community! Teams work together to assemble and accessorize bikes, compete in challenges, and give back to those in need.

Crocs & Socks Logo

Upon arrival, guests are presented with a vibrant croc or sock, and their task is to find their perfect match. Working in pairs, they collaboratively curate a care package that includes the crocs and socks, ready to be donated to one or more local organizations. You have the option to select from one, two, or all four types of care packages, ensuring a diverse and impactful contribution to the community.