The Events of Business

by Travis Himstedt, Corporate Event Interactive
Whether we run a small business or a department of a larger business we all have the same goal in mind; we want to grow our business entity to the optimal size and have it run efficiently and effectively.  To accomplish this we implement the best possible strategies available.  The word strategy is loosely defined as a plan or method for obtaining specific results.  As business managers and owners we constantly try to find and execute on strategies that best serve our needs.  However, just as an event cannot be successful with only one participant, businesses cannot succeed with only one strategy.
Is this event blog different?
Often times in the event industry we focus too much on what is ascetically pleasing or offers the right amount of fun, trying to please the client being our ultimate goal – that, and a paycheck.  But, where is the value for us in these endeavors other than gross income?  To answer this question is the purpose of this blog.  There are many ideas on which we can focus:
Ways to reconnect with past clients
Engaging your staff
Employee motivation
Capitalizing on networking opportunities
Marketing to the right demographics
The possibilities are limitless as any of these ideas can stem from work in any type of business.  Our goal here is to find ways to tie these types of initiatives to the event industry. We, as a community, need to seek and disseminate the best ways to garner everything we can out of the events we produce in addition to just simple client satisfaction.  This does not mean choosing the right linens or activities.  This means implementing shared business strategies to help our businesses achieve long-term objectives.