Remote Networking

Connect your virtual attendees with a fun and purposeful networking activity! Guests foster relationships as they participate in thought-provoking activities that inspire collaboration, engagement, and most importantly getting to know each other.


Social Scavenger Hunt - Remote Networking Experience Logo

Get ready for a virtual networking extravaganza at your next meeting or conference! Featuring a digital game board, social media integration and fast-paced bonding activities, Social Scavenger Hunt is designed to elevate your attendee experience as they get to know one another.

iQuiz - Remote Networking Experience Logo

Connect together with a unique, game-sharing networking experience like no other! Participants collaborate virtually or in small groups using our customizable iQuiz app to virtually network and foster a sense of community. Work closely with colleagues to answer a variety of trivia questions, riddles, visual puzzles, and other fun challenges to score the most points and be crowned Number One Networkers!

Virtual BINGO! Logo

Presented by our engaging emcee, this classic game is run in a virtual setting featuring popular themes, icons and culture. Our emcee encourages interaction and chat as participants mark off their squares in a series of exciting rounds. A simple, fun game for any group and a great warm-up or wrap up to any team meeting.

InterNetworking: Business Edition Logo

Get back to business with industry colleagues remotely with InterNetworking – an engaging and instructive activity designed to facilitate a dynamic networking experience! Guests get acquainted as they engage in a unique game-sharing experience.

iQuest CVB Logo

Virtually showcasing your city has never been easier! iQuest CVB offers an innovative way for you to give clients a personal interactive tour around your city and discover all that it has to offer for their group!

Meeting Motivators - Remote Logo

Rejuvenate attendees with Meeting Motivators, a series of rapid-fire contests throughout the day designed to provide much-needed bursts of energy and a friendly competition.