Theme Team Challenges

Teams go head to head in a series of themed contests and challenges to earn points in a lively competition. Go for the gold in the Corporate Olympiad, solve clues to escape your island in Trapped in the Tropics, or have fun in the sun in the ultimate Beach Battle!


Team Spark Logo

Immerse your team in this imaginative and interactive contest filled with photo and video challenges, brain teasers and on-your-feet activities!

Corporate Olympiad Logo

The torch is lit, flags are waving and international teams gather for the ultimate competition of fortitude and teamwork. Compete in team challenges to earn the most points and go for the gold! Let the games begin!


iQuest Around the World - In Person Logo

Grab your passport and get ready for a globe-trotting trip! iQuest Around the World is a lively game-sharing experience that tests the team’s travel acumen, communications skills, and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 miles!

Trapped in the Tropics Logo

Imagine your team is stranded on a deserted island with seemingly no way out. Strewn about are remnants from past inhabitants, debris from the ocean, pieces of a treasure map and clues that may lead to a way back home. But you must work together to get off the island in under 60 minutes before the typhoon hits!

80s Time Machine Logo

If you miss Jordache Jeans, big hair, and all things 80’s, step into the Time Machine and re-live your favorite decade as you compete in 80’s-themed challenges and see who is the biggest 80’s geek.

In It To Win It Logo

Games begin in 3…2…1! Contestants fly into action to complete their first challenge in 60 seconds. Stacking cups, balancing balls, and piecing together puzzles are all part of the action as teams are faced with a series of “In It To Win It” challenges and a chance to earn the esteem of their colleagues and fabulous prizes.

Beach Battle Logo

Welcome to the Beach Battle Olympiad! This spirited competition is all about fun in the sun as your teams compete in a series of contests to determine who is “King of the Beach”!