Keeping Your Team Motivated During Uncertain Times

Goodbye to 2021 and Welcome 2022!

comic strip style panel drawing of a group of people hiding around the corner of a wall, using a long stick to poke open a door with 2022 written on it

Over the past two years, staff have been scrambling between working in the office, hybrid work, working from home, hiding in basements and closets to get a quiet space, flooding coffee shops, sometimes wishing they could connect by Starlink from the ISS. No matter the predictions (and even the outcomes) for this new year, one thing is certain: you need to keep your team motivated!

Luckily, CEI has over 30 years’ experience helping companies engage their staff in inspiring and creative ways! We know you take care to cultivate a team of top talent, so we’ve put together a list of 5 simple steps you can start taking TODAY to keep them engaged, excited, and working cohesively throughout the year. Read on for these helpful ideas, and call us for even more!

1. Offer a flexible schedule.
This is especially important right now as many people are working remotely or maneuvering between office and home in a hybrid model, dealing with erratic schedules and resources. Parents are scrambling with unexpected changes in school and child care. This one simple change helps your employees maintain a healthy work/life balance, as well as instilling trust in them that tasks will be accomplished.


2. Celebrate individual accomplishments and team milestones.
As we start a new year, it’s a great time to look back at the past year and recognize the hard work, through all the struggles and difficulties we all faced in 2021. Showing gratitude and praise for reaching those goals or going above and beyond will not only help each employee feel valued but also ensure your whole team gains a sense of accomplishment. This can be incredibly rewarding and motivating and will help increase productivity throughout this coming year. 

3. Create a FUN atmosphere.
There are many ways to make your workplace and your company culture fun. That sense of enjoyment is something that is deeply rooted in the human mind and can be a key motivator in ensuring people have a desire and to show up, do the work, and contribute to the team or company. 

4. Schedule a team building activity.
It’s hard to take time away from the busy tasks and hard deadlines, however, when you do, and use that time to help build more dynamic and collaborative work relationships, productivity increases and the quality of your work is elevated to new heights. Team building activities not only foster creativity, but also help reveal hidden talents and strengths in your staff.  

5. Provide an opportunity to give back or to a special cause.
It sounds so simple… because it is. A chance to do something for a cause or help those in need taps into something that is so basically human and generates good feelings of doing something that makes a difference together as a team. An added bonus is that this also helps reinforce a philanthropic goal of the company culture. Post about it on social media, let your team be proud of their organization and the help your company can provide.

Pick one.
Pick three.
Pick all five.
Add more!
No matter how you shake it, any and all of these concepts can bring your team together and help your company achieve great things this coming year. Are you stuck on ideas? Not sure how to set these plans in motion? Well, that’s what we do! Contact us, we’re experts in helping teams like yours come together, work more collaboratively and cohesively, and get motivated to do amazing things. Reach out to us today and let us craft a customized program that will help ensure a successful kick off to 2022.