Team Building Trends & Networking News, December 2021

Capture Company Culture
By Linda Whitlock

Hi Everyone,

With so many teams working remotely from home, maintaining company culture has been challenging, to say the least. The days of gathering together for lunch or after work socials are long forgotten (if non-existent). Impromptu outings now resemble meetings where arrangements have to be thought through, planned and scheduled in advance. Any gathering or activity with your team is an opportunity to help encourage better communication practices, build trust and values, and promote moments of joy at work. We all need to feel connected. Team building is one way to develop a strong company culture, providing a sense of community. It could be as simple as sharing stories of favorite childhood memories or recipes. Or, creating a fun and friendly competition between departments. There are many options that can be delivered virtually or in-person. When a team works together to achieve common goals, everyone wins! Individuals, the organization and customers. The benefits of team building go a long way, long after the activity experience ends. Contact us to help build and strengthen your company culture in 2022.
From our CEI team to yours, wishing you all a safe and relaxing holiday season. We look forward to working with you in 2022.
~ Linda

iQuiz 2021 Celebration
Get your team together to celebrate 2021 or the arrival of 2022!
iQuiz incorporates your messaging into an interactive game-sharing experience for team members. Teams collaborate to answer trivia questions, take group photos, capture team videos and recap the year that was.
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The Daily Kick-Off
Motivate team members with an energizing daily task in the days leading up to a meeting or conference. This self-guided activity is designed to provide upbeat and creative challenges.
The focus is customized to your mission – Get Moving, Daily Inspiration, Boost Morale or Meeting Prep.
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One Team: Community Care Packages
Giving back never felt so good.
Bring your team together to make an impact on your local community with “One Team”. Have fun completing challenges to earn items to include in care packages for a charity or non-profit organization of your choice.
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