Mobile Room Escapes For Any Size Group

Trapped in the Tropics Greeters

Mobile Room Escape
Room escapes are popping up all over the US and becoming a popular twist on the traditional team building exercise. A typical room escape involves a small group of people literally locked in a room. In order to get out, they must find clues and solve puzzles to locate the hidden key within a set period of time. These challenges are excellent team building opportunities because everyone has a chance to contribute at different levels to solve riddles, put puzzles together or flip over chairs to find the way to escape!

Corporate Event Interactive has developed a mobile room escape concept on a much larger scale for our clients with up to 300 participants! Instead of escaping a room, our adventure has your team escaping an island. Trapped in the Tropics involves a series of islands (aka tables) each with its own set of clues, puzzles and locked treasure chests to keep every team member engaged.

Trapped in the Tropics Cabana

No phones or electronic devices maybe used to solve the clues. Teams work together to escape the island. This program offers a variety of puzzles and an opportunity to see who takes the lead as captain on certain puzzles and who jumps in on others. Our staff is available to help keep teams on track. After all, we don’t want to leave anyone stranded.

Titanic Panic

Photo Credit: Titanic by Jeffrey via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Our second room escape concept has an ocean theme. Titanic Panic is based on facts from the historic tragedy of 1912 when the great ocean liner hit an iceberg and sunk into the North Atlantic Ocean. Participants are assigned roles based on the actual passenger list from the Titanic. How your team collaborates can determine if you sink or swim!

History buffs especially enjoy the attention to detail this activity offers, though anyone who likes solving clues will appreciate the experience. Many of the activities happen simultaneously so teams divide and conquer the puzzles as they are presented. Everyone stays engaged which makes this unique team building activity particularly successful. As one treasure box code is cracked, a smaller one is found along with a new challenge. Teams continue to problem solve until they open the final chest or the clock runs out of time!

If you are looking for a new idea for your next team building experience, gather a hundred or so of your colleagues and join us for a room escape like you have never experienced before!

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